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Dreamvention SEO department offers on-page SEO support. If you feel that your Opencart shop is not getting the traffic you need, we can identifying your webshop potential and help you reach your goals in the search engines and social networks.

We offer the following services:


Keyword Research & Keyword Targeting

The first thing every SEO campaign starts from is definition of the target keywords that your customers search in Google and Bing. If you do this right, you will get the right visitors at the right time, which transforms into sales. It's all about semantics, guys!

  • Content architecture
  • Keywords strategy
  • Competitor analysis


On-page optimization

Do you have your keywords? Great! Now start with on-page optimizations. You can do it yourself, but then you will have to test and learn for several years to know what works best. Or you can ask us to do it for you. We will optimize content and meta-tags for you, such as:

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Body Content
  • Alt Attributes
  • URL Structure
  • Schema & Markup
  • Page tagging and internal linking


Technical optimization

You probably know that opencart needs more then just products and categories, to rank on the search engines. You will need to do some technical optimization inside the webshop core files to get it right. Their are modules for this, but we have the experience to set it up right from the start.

  • Header Response
  • Setup SEF Redirects
  • Deleting Duplicate Content
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Anayltics


For our work we use SEO services to get the best insights about the project. We install and setup Google Analytics (ecommerce, events, goals) for you.



Start your SEO campaign today with our limited First FREE Audit!

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