10 commandments for Dreamvention Extensions Development

1. Uploaded files must not overwrite core files and use vqmod or ocmod.

2. Modules should be installed in the module folder.

3. External libraries should be installed in system/library folder and follow PSR standards for autoloading (PSR-0, PSR-4)

4. Modules must have a mbooth xml file. (read more)

5. Modules must have a the Standard Module setup (version check function, "Save&Stay" button, instructions tab etc. read more). 

6. Modules must have registered with the Shopunity market (read more)

7. Module must have a git.

8. Module must have a version and follow the standard from http://semver.org/

9. Module must use Shopunity module (

10. Module must be compatible with the extension installer option in opencart.

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