Setup Facebook login button

  1. Visit facebook developers page
  2. In menu Apps – select create new app                                                        
  3. In the popup window fill in the Display Name and Choose category                  
  4. After the app is created, go to settings in the left menu
  5. Fill in Namespace and Contact Email
  6. Click Add platform and select Website
  7. Fill in the Site url and mobile site url and save                                             

    Your Site URL                               

  8. In the same page ask to show the App Secret

  9. Do not forget to activate the APP in the left manu - Status & Review and turn on the APP by sliding the bar to the right

  10. Fill in the App ID and App Secret in the Social Login settings tab for Facebook

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    sahil jain

    What is the app scope for facebook

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    Augusto Gomez

    i have the message of invalid scope

    Invalid Scopes: read_stream, read_friendlists. This message is only shown to developers. Users of your app will ignore these permissions if present. Please read the documentation for valid permissions at:

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    harron ejaz

    i need to desing that page which appears after pressing login with facebook button, according to the design of my opencart store, how can i do that?

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    Old, please update here and also in app

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    Hi we have the oldest version of login setup on site
    facebook by following this link

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    I am so upset.  I ask for help setting up the Social Login Pro.  I asked for help because the support documents does not clearly explain how it works.  The module shows on my website, but on Facebook they are for Java Script to be added etc as well as other details.  The manual is outdated and does not cover it.  Dima, a very rude person, tells me I must get a developer to help me. I MUST GET A DEVELOPER????????? What the hell.  I am really really not impressed.  This is the POOREST support I ever received and I WILL BE REPORTING IT TO OPENCART.COM WITH THE EMAIL SEND TO ME. You think the customer is useless, and does not mean a thing.  It is ok, you dont want to help me, dont answer my questions, take my money and EXPECT ME TO REMAIN QUIET???  This wont happen.  I was never treated this way by a module developer.  All the other companies is friendly and always helped!!!!

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