Troubleshoot Ajax Quick Checkout

The default checkout is not replaced with the new checkout?
1. check if vqmod is installed (visit http://YOURSHOP/vqmod/install)
2. if installed, check if the vqmod cache for vq2-catalog_controller_checkout_checkout.php is created
3. if this is not the issue - check if you have created the settings for the checkout.
go to admin/extensions/modules/ajax quick checkout and check in general tab that the checkout is turned on and will replace the default checkout.

The vqmod is installed but its not creating the vq2-catalog_controller_checkout_checkout.php file?
1. This happens if you have modified the controller/checkout/checkout.php file.
2. if you think you have not modified it - please check it to see if there are no extra spaces in between the lines of the code - otherwise this will break the checkout.

The vq2-catalog_controller_checkout_checkout.php is created but the checkout is still not showing?
1. If you had another checkout installed before, be sure to uninstall it completely, with all the vqmod files it had.
2. check that you don't have other vqmod files that are editing the vq2-catalog_controller_checkout_checkout.php
3. contact us if you are still struggling to get it right.

I have mulistore and for my second shop the checkout is not showing?
1. go to admin/extensions/modules/ajax quick checkout
2. you should see a select box next to SAVE and STAY button. select the second store.
3. edit and save settings.

The confirm button is not sending to success page?
1. You may have a custom payment method, that we don't know about.
2. Each custom payment method adds a confirm button in the last step.
3. This confirm button has its own class or id. it can be an <a> or <button> or <div>
4. You can check it by looking at the code of the button which is hidden in our checkout but it is actually there.
5. When you click our Confirm button - the AQC runs its scripts and if all is good - it will trigger the confirm button of the payment method.
6. In some cases our system may not see the confirm button of the payment method and will not trigger the click.
7. to fix this - go to admin/extensions/modules/ajax quick checkout and in general tab add the trigger class in the input field separated with a comma.

The styles are messed up?
1. Some of the custom themes have really messed up styles.
2. We try to follow the opencart rules but this is always up to the theme developer to make it compatible.
3. If you see a messed up theme for the checkout - try using other themes that we provide in design tab.
4. you can also add style fixes directly in the admin panel of AQC in custom styles.
5. if this doesn't help, you can ask our support members to add custom fixes. The fees depend on the amount of work needed.

The admin theme looks messed up?
1. Please be sure to install the shopunity admin patch

2. Contact us if you still think there is an issue 

I don't see social login module in the checkout?
1. Social login module is a separate module that goes together with the checkout. you can download it from the same location as the AQC
2. Install it like any other module.
3. Visit the admin/extensions/modules/ajax quick checkout and go to social login tab - it should now show that you have social login module and will allow you to check the social login options you want.
4. Click SAVE.

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    The shopping cart section comes blank instead of showing items in the cart on the checkout page. What is potentially triggering this?

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    I'm having opencart 2.0 installed and also installed the Ajax Quick checkout corresponding lite version.
    But, the checkout page is not getting updated in the frontend.

    Can you please let me know what might be the issue?

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    Bruno Golenia


    When clicking on 'new address' on linux I got the answer sent back (of updateSettings) in json instead of html so nothing appears except when refreshing the page (It must be in html due to have the extra javascript which appears in the console otherwise it is not valid). To solve the problem I got to change the datatype of the ajaxcall to html.

    I wanted to do the same trick for validateAllFields when confirming the order but it was not enough so I did replace also:
    if("error" in json){
    json = json.substring(1,json.indexOf("<script>"));

    json = jQuery.parseJSON(json);

    I do not think I should have to do that for using your module properly. Can you tell me what is missing please? And if it is a problem of configuration of my the server I would love to know what do I need to do.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Best regards,


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    I'm having opencart 2.0 and installed ajax quick checkout on my journal2 theme that is not working with journal2 theme and i'm also try checkout extension with default theme of opencart . its working .
    so ajax quick checkout is not compatible with journal2 theme please help me and suggest, how to integrate checkout extension with my journal2 theme.
    you can check on

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Best regards :

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    Aman Sharma


    i have the problem in the ceckout setup when we click on the ("My delivery and billing addresses are the same.") then delivery address is not showing .

    one time is working fine but when we choose another method for checkout means that (register or guest checkout )   then it is creating the problem in the checkbox.

    Please provide the solution asap.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi, I just brought the checkout module. But it is not finishing the payment process

    you can try to buy at

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    Ivan Zenchenko

    mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method Cart\\Currency::getCode() in /home/shop/public_html/system/storage/modification/catalog/controller/product/product.php on line 289, referer:
    PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method Cart\\Currency::getCode() in /home/shop/public_html/system/storage/modification/catalog/controller/product/product.php on line 289

    Got an 500 error pages everywhere after clicking on any product gives 500 ERROR

    What I should do?


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    we bought AQC many years ago and everything has been working fine, but at this point of time we are having an issue described below.

    when some payment methods (cash on delivery for example) are chosen, customer has to click confirm button twice to get to the success page. when YandexKassa (as a payment method) is chosen, everything works fine and after first click on submit button customer gets to the payment page.

    here is our site url

    what could be the reason?

    would appreciate any advice on that.

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