How to install Ajax Quick Checkout

Starting from version 6.4.1 AQC requires only shopunity moduel (no vqmod required)

Download the Ajax Quick Checkout ZIP file from opencart extension market.

  1. First you will need to install shopunity extension manager from here 
    1. Install it via ftp using filezilla (unzip the archive and upload all files from UPLOAD folder into the root folder of you opencart store. 
    2. or Install it via Extension installer (go to Extensions -> Extension installer and upload the archive)
  2. Then install the Ajax Quick Checkout module.
    1. You can also install via ftp
    2. or Install via Extension installer
  3. Once you have both of these modules installed and visible in your admin extensions - click install next to Shopuniyt.
  4. Then once you have installed shopunity - click install next to Ajax Quick Checkout. Wait some time... Shopunity will download all the required dependencies in the backend.
  5. Click edit Ajax Quick Checkout -> then click create new settings.
  6. Switch status to on and click save. 
In case of an error:

Q. Ok so I did that, but now i see this error:
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare Cart\Tax::clearRates() in system\storage\modification\system\library\cart\tax.php on line 12
A. This is because you have two modifications working together adding the same function to the system tax.php file. to solve this remove or rename your vqmod file: vqmod/xml/a_vqmod_d_quickcheckout.xml
Q. I have installed AQC, but still nothing?
A. Check the settings - you should have AQC enables and Default checkout Replaced. 
Q. I have installed the checkout, but  I see an error on the top and the default checkout.
PHP Notice: Undefined index: quickcheckout in /home/musiccen/public_html/vqmod/vqcache/vq2-catalog_controller_checkout_checkout.php on line 69 ...
A. You need to go back to the admin, click EDIT and then Click save
Q. I see the new checkout, but its not checking out 
A. AQC uses AJAX requests to update, so it is important that you do not have other errors on your shop.  Sometimes shipping and payment methods have errors, but since you do not see them untill you go to thier step in the default checkout, you do not notice them. In AQC this is seen from the first load. so before you look into AQC, first check your default checkout and see if it is working correctly.
Q. I have hid the payment address step, and now the checkout is not working?
A. When you hide a step, but leave a field REQUIRED, the checkout will actually check this empty field and show and arror, but since the step is hidden, you don't see it. simple remove the required checkbox from every field in the payment address or any other option that is hidden.
Best regards,
The Dreamvention team
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