Installing extra positions 50 (or less)

- Install VQmod (if not yet installed, visit
- Unzip the archive you have download when purchasing the module and find UPLOAD folder
- via FTP manager (like Filezilla - download here: upload to you main directory the files and folders in the UPLOAD folder

Now you should be able to see extra positions in the admin area of other modules, like "affiliate". but before you can use then positions, you need to tell your theme where you want the modules to show up.

- via FTP go to /catelog/view/theme/YOUR THEME/template/header.tpl
- Open file and place a hook like this <?php echo $column_header; ?> after <body>
- save
- then go to admin and place a module in positions header. save

now you should see the module show up in the top of your theme.

Here is the list of hooks you can use

<?php echo $column_header; ?>
<?php echo $column_footer; ?>
<?php echo $column_extra1; ?>
<?php echo $column_extra2; ?>
<?php echo $column_extra3; ?>
<?php echo $column_extra4; ?>
<?php echo $column_extra50; ?>

You will need some styling to be done to make the modules look good on your website. Ask you developer or us add styling.


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