Setup Twig manager and Twig support

Twig is a template engine for php, developed for Symfony framework that gained huge popularity and separated into it's own project. It is now the standard template engine for Opencart 3.0. 

But you can use it on Opencart 2.0 today with a special module - the Twig Manager


  1. You are required to have shopunity module installed and activated. You can download shopunity here.
  2. Download the Twig Manager here
  3. Using the Extension installer, upload the zip file to your opencart
  4. Go to Extensions -> modules and activate Twig manager.
  5. Inside twig manager in tab settings activate TWIG support.


Once you have activated the Twig support, you can use any module that relies on Twig.



Q: I can install the Twig manager. I see an error

A: Twig manager requires you to have Shopunity module installed and activated. It uses the shopunity model methods for several things and without these files it will not work. Uninstall the Twig manager. Install Shopunity module and activate it. And then Reinstall Twig manager.


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